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To begin with, Jimmy Cash for Cars Brisbane have set a precedent in the second-hand automobile industry of Brisbane.

A Huge Round of Applause for them.

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Making Car Selling Better, Safer, and Easier Day By Day

  • We have truly transformed the concept of car selling in Australia.
  • Gone are the days when you would casually spend weeks trying to get rid of your unwanted vehicle for your desired value.
  • Now you can sell an unwanted car without moving an inch from your place with Jimmy Cash for Cars. And that too, for the top dollar.
  • And well, there is another secret to our commendable success and growth.
    Our team’s tireless dedication to serving car owners and valuing their satisfaction has led us to emerge as the Best Car Buyers in Brisbane.

Life Is Tough. Let’s Make It a little Easier.

  • That’s what our business philosophy revolves around.
  • Our team believes in not just providing the best cash for car in Brisbane.
  • Rather, it’s more about rendering a safe, simple and convenient service.
    From instant evaluations to online offers, onsite inspection and free
  • towing, our passionate team ensures that our valued customers are at ease with the process the whole way through.
  • Thanks to the host of value-added services we provide 100% free of cost.
    1. We hold all the mandatory authorizations and licenses to deal with vehicles mandated by the Queensland Government.
    2. We provide an Instant Quote Online or On-call to save time and help you quickly decide.
    3. Our Free Pick-up and Collection in Brisbane means you don’t need to pay for the expensive towing or removal near me.
    4. We need minimum documentation to buy your vehicle. Just the Driver’s License and Photo I.D.
    5. Get paid in hand or bank on the spot.
    6. Get all the complicated paperwork at no cost, including Title Transfer and Cancelling Registration.
    7. We will arrange the pick-up at your chosen time and location anywhere in Brisbane.
    8. Our recycling and disposal procedures stringently follow EPA and APRAA rules and guidelines.

We fulfil all the above criteria and offer much more.

top cash for cars in brisbane

Together We Can Achieve Greater

  • We understand the hassle and trouble involved with selling a vehicle. Sometimes coming as a surprise in the form of accidents or natural calamities.
  • While in other instances, predicted well beforehand as the car nears the end of its useful life.
  • This may cost you an arm or a leg while also being a source of sheer discomfort.
  • But, with Jimmy Cash for Cars at your back, you don’t need to worry anymore.
  • With over 10 years of exemplary service in the field, our staff executes the highest level of professionalism and commitment. We make sure that the entire car selling is not only seamless and hassle-free but also easy on the pocket.

Meet Our Team

We take pride in our strong team bond. Together, we will deliver the promise of ultimate convenience and peace of mind for car owners.
It’s time we introduce you to some of the most exceptional individuals who make Jimmy Cash for Cars what it is today.

Sell Your Car in 3 Simple Steps
  • Appraisers and Evaluators
  • Administrative Staff
  • Inspection Team
  • Auto Haulers and Loaders
  • Tow Truck Drivers
  • Mechanics and Technicians
  • Automobile Engineers
  • Scrappers and Recyclers
  • Car Wreckers and Dismantlers
  • Location and Service Executives
  • Customer Representatives
  • Waste Operation Incharge
  • Scrapyard Supervisors
  • Legal Team

Our Customers Simply Love Us. And for All the Right Reasons!

  • We are confident that we have fulfilled the criteria for becoming the “top-rated cash for car Brisbane service”.
  • So, choose your Car Buyers in Brisbane wisely!

Happy Selling!