When you sign a form issued by us that describes the services that we will perform (“Service Authorisation”) or when we agree to sell you products, you are entering into a legally binding contract (“agreement”) with Jimmy Cash for Cars trading as Jimmy Cash for Cars (“we” or “us”), and the customer (“you”).

You understand that the Service Authorization and these Terms & Conditions constitute the entire agreement between us. You acknowledge that revised instructions from you may result in modifications to the original scope and terms of the Service Authorization (including costs and bids). You agree to be bound by this agreement by submitting an order for products and/or services and by signing a Service Authorization.

Unless otherwise specified, all parts and products installed as part of the services we supply to you are also considered “products” for the purposes of this Agreement.


Unless otherwise specified, the GST is included in all of our prices and quotes. Once the Service Authorisation has been signed, orally agreed over the phone, or agreed to in writing, only then will the quoted price or pricing be binding on us. Jimmy Cash for Cars recognizes these alternate forms of authorization as meeting the standards of practice equivalent to a signed document. Your new requirements may cause a revision in the Service Authorization’s scope and cost.


We commit to completing the work as specified in the service authorization (or as amended per your most recent set of instructions). These services are dynamic because we may find additional problems with your car once we begin working on it, problems that must be fixed to ensure your safety.


Unless otherwise agreed upon, you will not remove your vehicle and/or the products (as applicable) from our premises until we have received complete payment for all services done and supplies supplied. You also agree that unless we have agreed otherwise, upon completion of the relevant work, payment of all amounts set forth in the service authorization and (absent manifest error) all amounts set forth in that document become due and must be paid by close of business on the day of completion of the relevant work.

Return Plan

Your rights under the Australian Consumer Law are unaffected by our return policy. You also have protections under the Australian Consumer Law, which are in addition to those provided below.

Unless it is: a discontinued item; not in resalable condition; or any other product that has been fitted to a vehicle, you may return it for a refund or exchange within 14 days of purchase.

Unless otherwise agreed, or where you are entitled to such charges under the Australian Consumer Law, we will not pay for the cost of returning products to you.

Nationwide Assurance in Australia

The Australian Consumer Law requires us to provide certain implied warranties for our products and services.

In addition to your protections under the Australian Consumer Law, we offer the guarantee detailed below.

Product/Service Guarantee Period
Workmanship All of the work we do is backed by a warranty.
New parts All new components provided and fitted by Jimmy Cash for Cars mechanics are guaranteed for 12 months from the date of purchase or installation, whichever comes first.
Batteries The manufacturer’s terms and conditions may provide for a warranty of up to 12 months.

If a flaw appears within the specified time period, we will either fix it or provide a replacement at no cost to you. Any costs associated with our guarantee being enforced will be paid for by us.

Normal wear and tear, consumables like bulbs, wiper blades, lubricants, and fluids, and damage caused by things like accidents, abuse, neglect, or unsafe or improper driving aren’t covered by the warranty, and neither are repairs or alterations made to the product by someone who isn’t authorized to do so.


You agree that we have a lien (under general law or equity) on your vehicle and all goods in good order affixed to your vehicle (“Lien”) to secure payment of any or all sums outstanding at any given time.

You acknowledge that we may, in our sole discretion, hold your vehicle and/or any goods in your vehicle and serve notice on you requiring immediate payment of the sums outstanding by you in order to exercise the Lien in respect of any due and unpaid amounts outstanding by you.

Remove Your Personal Belongings

We may sell your vehicle and/or all goods in or attached to your vehicle in accordance with any applicable legislation relating to the disposal of uncollected goods and vehicles if we have not received payment in full within three calendar months of providing notice to you and after making reasonable attempts to contact you.

If we decide to sell your vehicle and/or all of your belongings, the money we make will go toward paying off any debt you owe as well as the costs associated with exercising our right of sale.


To the extent that liability is imposed upon us or implied into a transaction by this agreement or by any statutory provisions that cannot be excluded by this agreement, we disclaim any and all liability to you or any third party for any claim for injury, death, loss, or damage to any person or property caused or arising out of the use of products sold by us or out of any services performed by us.

In no event shall we be responsible for the loss of or damage to any articles said to have been left with us or by you or alleged to have been left in your vehicle, regardless of the cause of such loss or damage.

Permitted Use of the Automobile

By signing this Service Authorization, you give us permission to do or think anything relating to your vehicle that we deem necessary or advisable in order to deliver the products and/or services described therein.

A. Getting in the car

B. Taking it for a spin around the block or somewhere

C. Taking it somewhere else entirely

The Privacy Act 1988 and any other laws pertaining to personal information shall be followed.

Unless you tell us otherwise, we’ll use the information we collect about you for the following reasons:(a) Our internal marketing activities, such as direct marketing, database compilation, demographic analysis, and the processing or creation of other marketing information; (b) Customer service and individual follow-up calls, letters, or emails enquiring as to your satisfaction with our products and services; (c) Reminders that your vehicle may be due for a service or your registration may be due for renewal.

Contact our Team at 0452 424 407 if you have any questions about this policy, would like access to your personal information, or would like to withdraw your agreement to any or all of the aforementioned uses.


The parties agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts located within the state where the venue of any dispute between the parties arises.